MasterClass 1 Reproduktion scanning for vets -step 1 and 2

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Class 1


10 persons per course
The course will be in Vejle

Costs: 3500 dkr.per day (7000 dkr for the 2 days) inkl. lunch and coffeebreaks
The course will be in English, and will be theoretical with a lot off video-material.


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Kursus information

Presentation Class 1, step 1 and 2: Lets see what you see!
This course is dedicated to those veterinarians who want to deepen the ultrasound diagnosis of the physiology-pathology of the ovary and uterus and who want to learn the state of the art of ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy and non-pregnancy. It is not a course for beginners in ultrasound, but it is a course dedicated to veterinarians who already practice the technique and who want to update their knowledge in an area that will allow them to face reproductive management in a totally new way from the next day. Course 1 is preparatory to course 2.

It is a good idea to take step 1 and 2 at the same time (2 day course)

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